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The Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Paralysis Treatment Centre under the esteemed supervision of Dr. Narayanan (DAM), Dr. Remya and Dr. Jeejabhai is a centre, well known for its specialised and traditional care in treatment for people suffering from Paralysis. Dr.Narayanan is a retired Medical Official. He was born and bought up in a traditional ayurvedic family and has a 43 year experience in the field of ayurveda and its techniques. The centre provides its treatment in a much specialised manner. Patients are provided internal (Tablets, Kashayam....etc ) and external (navarakizhi, elakizhi, shirakizhi, shirodhara, shirovasthi, nasyam, abhyangam, pizhichil, vasthi.....etc ) medicines as per the expect suggestion by doctors.

Dr. Narayanan's self invented medicines proved extremely effective for treatment procedures. The treatment schedules are confirmed after a complete check of a person's vitals, his health condition, existing medical conditions etc. This makes the treatment very much effective. Almost all our guests have left Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Paralysis Treatment Centre as a disease free personality.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis is the inability of a muscle or group of muscles to move voluntarily. Muscles are controlled by messages sent from the brain that trigger movement. When part of the brain is damaged after a stroke, messaging between the brain and muscles may not work properly.

Paralysis is usually on the side of the body opposite the side of the brain damaged by stroke, and may affect any part of the body. You may experience one-sided paralysis, known as hemiplegia, or one-sided weakness, known as hemiparesis. Locked-in syndrome is an example of severe paralysis that leaves the stroke survivor unable to move any muscles except those that control the eyes.

Post-stroke paralysis symptoms may include but are not limited to:

  • Hemiparesis
  • Spasticity/stiff muscles
  • Dysphagia: trouble swallowing
  • Hemiplegia
  • Foot drop
  • Weakness
  • Incoordination
  • Sensory deficits
  • Balance problems


Jeevamrutham ayurvedic treatment centre ensures you a traditional and effective treatment for the medical condition of paralysis. Our doctors and therapists approach the treatment procedures in a specialised fashion.

Benefits of Jeevamrutham

  • Doctors as well as traditionally well developed therapists
  • Providing the best ayurvedic treatments for the past 20 years
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Round the clock medical attention

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