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The Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Parkinson Treatment Centre under the esteemed supervision of Dr. Narayanan (DAM), Dr. Remya and Dr. Jeejabhai is a centre, well known for its specialised and traditional care in treatment for people suffering from Parkinson. Dr. Narayanan is a retired Medical Official. He was born and bought up in a traditional ayurvedic family and has a 43 year experience in the field of ayurveda and its techniques. The centre provides its treatment in a much specialised manner. Patients are provided internal (Tablets, Kashayam....etc ) and external (navarakizhi, elakizhi, shirakizhi, shirodhara, shirovasthi, nasyam, abhyangam, pizhichil, vasthi.....etc ) medicines as per the expect suggestion by doctors.

Dr. Narayanan's self invented medicines proved extremely effective for treatment procedures. The treatment schedules are confirmed after a complete check of a person's vitals, his health condition, existing medical conditions etc. This makes the treatment very much effective. Almost all our guests have left Jeevamrutham Ayurvedic Parkinson Treatment Centre as a disease free personality.

Ayurveda treatment shows better results for parkinson's disease. We prefer an IP treatment for a period of 21 days or minimum 14 days. We have special medicines and special treatments for parkinson's disease. The ayurvedic treatment depends upon patient's body condition. More than 90% of the patients shows better results in Parkinson's disease at our centre. Also we can assure a total rejuvenation to your body and mind.

It is often difficult to pin point when a person with Parkinson's Disease first begin showing signs and symptoms of the disease.

Early signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease are :

  • Change in facial expression (Staring, lack of blinking).
  • Failure to swing one's arm when walking.
  • Flexion (stooped) posture.
  • Frozen painful shoulder.
  • Limping or dragging of one leg.
  • Numbness tingling, ache or discomfort of the neck or Limbs.
  • Mellowing of the voice.
  • Subjective sensation of internal trembling.
  • Resting tremor.

At this stage it is found that Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatments do give considerable results. It is noticed that the progression of the disease is arrested and gradual relief from symptoms happened. Pain, numbness, stiffness etc. are reduced and to a certain extent the tremors are also controlled.

It is assumed that both internal and external medicines and treatments in the Ayurvedic system help to check the dopamine loss in the brain cells and the neurodegeneration process is thus delayed and diluted. Gradually the patient gets power to withstand the symptoms.

Characteristic symptoms of Parkinson's disease are :

  • They tremble involuntarily.
  • They find their muscles become rigid and stiff and they lose their ability to make rapid, spontaneous movements.
  • They walk in a recognizable manner, with a typical gait in which the body is bent or flexed
  • They may have difficulty maintaining their balance.


At this advanced stage of the disease also Ayurveda has an effective role to play. Prolonged inpatient treatment with counseling helps the patient to recover gradually. When they get both physical and mental power from these treatments, usually the discomforts are experienced to be coming under control. The percentage of relief is dependent upon the age of the patient, chromnicity of the symptoms and also duration of the onset of the disease.

Benefits of Jeevamrutham

  • Doctors as well as traditionally well developed therapists
  • Providing the best ayurvedic treatments for the past 20 years
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Round the clock medical attention

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